7 Management lessons from the success of Flappy Bird


Flappy Bird is a very, very simple game created by Vietnam-based Dong Nguyen and launched for iOS and Android phones in May 2013. The premise of the game is rather simple, yet frustratingly difficult. Players are required to tap their screens to fly a small bird through openings in pipes…without touching the pipes. If the […]

Happy New Year 2014

On behalf of Gizmofancy, I wish all our readers a very happy and prosperous New Year 2014. Stay tuned for exciting things in the coming year. Ashok Govind, Founder, Gizmofancy.com

Sony not to sell its ailing battery division, hopes for a turnaround


Like any other large conglomerate, Sony has a number of business divisions and battery manufacturing is one such division. Sony sold its chemical business to the government turnaround fund last year and has been in discussions with the same group for the sale of its Lithium Ion battery manufacturing unit. But talks have now stalled […]

5 Best Value for Money Tech Products in 2013


2013 was the year for the budget conscious. It was heartening to see companies understand the buying psyches of consumers and put out quality products out there that made really good value for customers. There was also a fair share of participation not only from companies that traditionally made budget hardware but also from companies […]

Fix app crashes on Nexus 5,7 and 10

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.46.57 pm

You’ve set up your shiny new Nexus device but a particular app is giving you issues? Crashes? First check for an update for the app in the Play Store. If the particular app still has issues, it may be time to troubleshoot the misbehaving app. Go to Settings > Apps, select the app in question, and then touch Force […]

Consumers seek a radical new user experience : Rethink Wireless


UK based research firm Rethink Wireless claims that consumers are tired of iOS and Android,and will demand a radical new user experience in 2014. Caroline Gabriel writing for Rethink Wireless has the following to say: “2014 really must be the year when Apple stops launching the same old iPhone. Or at least, while it makes […]

10 things you can expect from smartphones in 2014

Nexus 5

Smartphones have become ubiquitous in the last few years and Apple and Google have pretty much made most of the rules in the software aspect of things. From a hardware standpoint, OEMs are still playing catch-up to the software advancements made by both the giants, not to mention the developers creating intensive and more immersive […]

Top 5 Smartphones of the Year 2013


End of the year 2013. There is one last list to cross off on Gizmofancy. Picking the best phones in the year 2013. 2013 was a mixed year for the smartphone industry. We saw phone makers try new and unusual things to differentiate themselves from the competition while others were mostly content with improving upon […]