Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox to arrive late in 2013

Microsoft is not having any troubles with Xbox’ sales even though it is already there for 7 years. It has just sold 750,000 units over the Black Friday weekend — but what the figures are showing doesn’t mean that Microsoft will stop stepping further to its development. Bloomberg  cited some sources that  Microsoft plans to release the next generation Xbox in time for holiday next year. Of course, Microsoft is planning to release it alongside Sony’s new console as well (also planned late 2013). Microsoft is not just planning to release a next-generation Xbox but also a stripped-down version of the console that focuses on home entertainment services over hardcore gaming.

There are no updates yet as to what the next-generation Xbox will have on its insides but there are 2 things that we can be sure of, Microsoft will  incorporate Microsoft’s Kinect motion technology and a host of entertainment-based services.


Source: TheVerge

Photo Courtesy of: Ciaran McGuiggan



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