Microsoft’s Office will soon arrive in Android and IOS

It seems like the Android and iOS market has already piqued Microsoft’s interest. Microsoft is now developing a mobile app of their very own Microsoft Office (which is just available for Windows Phone devices) for the Android and iOS. The said Microsoft Office will be released early 2013.

This app will be free for Android and IOS users and will give them the ability to view Microsoft Office documents — of course, this includes Word, Powerpoint and Excel files.

However, there is one major setback for this: users will be required to buy an Office365 subscription within the Office Mobile app if they wish to enable its editing capabilities. This is of course to prevent mass switching of Microsoft loyalists to their competitors. Nice move Microsoft.

The estimated release of the Office Mobile app for IOS will arrive first in late February or early March next year, with an Android version appearing by May.

Microsoft is yet to comment on the said rumor.


Source: TheInquirer

Photo Courtesy of:  Microsoft Sweden


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