Intel announces new low-power Core processors

It was previously rumored that Intel will be releasing a number of low-power versions of its Ivy Bridge processor line for ultrabooks and tablets. Today, it is not just a rumor but a reality. The new chip will consume less power (7 watts) than the current mobile processors which runs at 17 watts. The dramatic decrease of power will not result to a decrease in performance but rather the opposite. It will have the power  five times the performance of the Nvidia’s Tegra 3. The chip will be focused on  thinner and lighter tablets and laptop to provide them with longer battery life.

Lenovo’s upcoming IdeaPad Yoga 11S will be running on this chip. We will also be expecting Microsoft’s Windows Surface Pro tablets to have these chips to by the end of this month.


Source: TheVerge

Photo Courtesy of:  Tokuriki

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