Google Nexus 4 Short Review – The Tightrope Walker Phone

How long have I used it? All of 30 days and 6 hours.

Specs & Construction - Are top draw. .. Except that there is no LTE and no room to expand memory. The phone’s design is very clean and syncs well with the beautiful design principles of Google’s much honed Jelly Bean 4.2.1. The Nexus 4’s precise glass construction with the tough and rubbery banding is as sturdy as a normal phone can be and I’ve not had the misfortune of dropping the phone… nor do I intend to in the future. Phone calls are extremely clear and loud.

Speed – The Phone screams. Part Project Butter, part design minimalism and part specs?

Jellybean - I’m wowed. It is difficult to wow me as I change phones(review units) every 2-3 months or so. Everything is where it should be. I am bothered with the three dots jumping around but it is a small price to pay for all the UI leanness and richness that Jellybean brings.

Software Design – The Nexus 4 is a minimalist power-user’s dream. If there’s one thing I hated about the Android design, it was the lock screen secured by pin. Simply speaking, I hated it enough to stop using corporate email on my Android Phones. With Nexus 4, the lock screen looks far improved. I almost jumped for joy when I came across this and I find myself pressing the power button just to drool at the lock screen. If Jellybean 4.2.1 was a girl, I’d have very little trouble asking her to marry me.

Screen – Crisp and clear. I notice this every time I pick up my phone and I’m almost startled by how crisp it is. High-Res pictures with contrasts are a pure joy to watch. There are times when I stop for a couple of seconds to just enjoy the picture and realize how good it looks.

Battery Life - I’m able to eke out a day of battery life from the device. It works for me… I haven’t seen any abnormal usage spikes. But I do not use crappy apps.

Music – I am not an audiophile and I use RDIO for most of my music needs. RDIO, as with any android device chews data like there’s no tomorrow and somebody needs to stop them. Quality of audio is great on my Adidas/Sennheiser jogging earphones and equally good on my Sony Headphones. Throwing music to my Bose Sounddock is a breeze.

Videos – are good. Some low quality videos appear a little washed out. But who wants to watch them anyway, right? I love how the three capacitive touchscreen buttons at the bottom disappear and the video fills up the whole screen. Pure joy.

Conclusion – Google and LG’s maiden outing is a device of balance – between LTE, Memory and phone. The good news is that the phone far outweighs the other two considerations. Apple’s design team should be nervous. Just get the phone. Enjoy it.

Pic Courtesy: j-e-n-n-y-8-6

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