iPhone 5S to sport a 12 MP Camera with Superb Lowlight Performance[Rumor]

iPhones have always had stellar imaging capabilities in daylight. However it’s Achilles’ Heel is its low light performance. Tinte from Vietnam reports that the same source which correctly pinpointed iPhone 5’s 8 MP Camera last year has this year told the site that the new iPhone(iPhone 5S) will sport a 12 MP camera. In addition to this, Apple is most likely focussing on improving the low light performance on the imaging equipment in the phone. Which interestingly means that Apple is trying to cash in on the buzz generated by Nokia and HTC’s marketing on low light performance of their Lumia and One devices respectively.

This information is said to have come from an employee who works in the Binh Duong Province of Wonderful Saigon Electrics. WSE are suppliers of imaging equipment to Apple.

Source : Tinte


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